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Welcome to Sabores, a graphics community! This community was created by me, Jubilee, for a place to post profiles I have made, icons, and the like. I'm not that great with making fancy graphics yet, but I hope to make some really nice stuff soon!
Thanks for visiting!


Please do not take any of the graphics I make and redistribute them as your own.
Leave the credit link on profiles I make porfavor!
Don't use them as a base for your own graphics.
When using my icons, credit is appreciated but not necessary. This does not mean you can take credit for them yourself.
It's fine if you don't like the things I make. Don't come to this community and don't bother me about it.
I own none of the art I make icons out of.
If I did, I'd note it at the bottom.
See your art here? Let me know so I can give credit or take it down. However you wish.


That's how you'd give me credit if you wanted to when using my icons. It's easy! :D


morbidcollision - icons + banners
hologramlights - icons + fsts
cgp_graphics - icons + banners

If you'd like to become an affiliate, do send me a private message on my personal journal calavasas not here. I'd be more than happy to add you to this list!

Old icon table from Malionette's Icon Table Generator
Icon table from Sql Girl's Icon Table

Thanks for visiting!
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